Puppy Information

Litters are very carefully planned and complementary gene pools are studied to find the best matches to produce versatile, sound Aussies. Here at Sunup Aussies, there are few litters because it takes study and timing to ensure that my dogs are at their optimum physical health when they are bred. 

My firm belief is that only certain dogs should be contributing to the gene pool. They need to combine the best genetics and temperament to continue the next generation and I strive to breed for the best qualities of the versatile and intelligent Australian Shepherd.

I strongly recommend puppy training and obedience classes followed by rally and or agility at the appropriate age. The Australian Shepherd likes to work and feels best when satisfying their need to be useful. See the breed standard for character.

How Do I Get a Sunup Aussie?

Please complete our Questionnaire. Adequate information about future homes is very important to make the correct matches temperamentally between new owner and puppy.

A completed Questionnaire and a deposit are required to be placed on the reservation list.

There are two contracts that prospective owners will sign depending on the evaluation of the puppies at around 8 weeks of age and the owner’s preferences.

There is a waiting list for upcoming litters. If you want one of our puppies, you will be added to the list in the order that I receive your Puppy Questionnaire and a deposit of $100. This amount will be deducted from the purchase price and will ensure you a place. If there are more potential owners than puppies, your deposit will be returned or you can wait for the next litter. I will also speak to you by phone so we get a sense of each other as well.

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